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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes to we offer? 

We offer 12yd’s, 20yd’s, 30yd's, and 40yd's containers. 


What are the dumpster dimensions? 

12yd Dumpster: 10ft long X 7.5ft wide X 3.5ft tall 

20yd Dumpster: 22ft long X 7.5ft wide X 4.5ft tall

30yd Dumpster: 22ft long X 7.5ft wide X 6ft tall

40yd Dumpster: 22ft long X 7.5ft wide X 7.5ft tall


How do I order a dumpster?

Give us a call today at 757-399-1900 and one of our representatives will smoothly guide you through the process. We will need the service address, placement instructions, email address, and payment method. 


Will my dumpster need a permit?

If you are unaware about your dumpster needing a permit, contact your local publics works office. 


Do dumpsters have weight limits?

Yes, all dumpsters come with a max weight limit and if you exceed the weight limit you are reliable for the overage fee.

Do I need to be onsite when the driver delivers the dumpster?

No, if you give us specific placement instructions for the dumpster, you do not need to be onsite. 


How long is the dumpster rental? 

Up to 21 days are included in our all-inclusive cost. If you need to keep a dumpster longer, we can do that for a small daily fee!

What can we not accept inside the dumpsters? 

Mattresses, box springs, MSW, hazardous materials, toxic materials, full paint cans, tires, propane tanks, batteries, any type of oils, electronics, any government own property, etc.…

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